We Train Your Developers to 10x their Output with AI.

Leverage the power of AI to help you develop software in half the time. Give your developers superpowers with Ai.

We Train Your Developers to 10x their Output with AI.

Leverage the power of AI to help your sales team close more deals, automate tasks, and provide a better customer experience. Give your sales team superpowers with AI.

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Our team has worked with world leading organizations to train their workforce. Here’s some of the companies we’ve
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Are your developers ready for the AI revolution?

By leveraging the power of AI, developers can amplify their coding capabilities by 10x, benefiting from automated code generation, language learning models, intelligent error detection, and enhanced productivity tools.


“AI will turbochage coding development and lead to a whole new class of intelligent developer technology.”

- Anirban Ghoshal, Infoworld
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Our AI Developer Training Program Highlights

Automate Tasks

Find ways to automate intensive tasks and get suggestions for more efficient workflows which result in increased productivity and time savings. Reduce the need to hire additional staff.

Machine Learning

AI and machine learning can develop algorithms and models that learn from your existing data and make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed.

Safer Code

AI can help write safer code by automatically detecting potential vulnerabilities, suggesting code improvements, and generating test cases to identify and prevent security risks before deployment.

Github Co-Pilot

Learn the role of generative AI tools in software development, including an overview of tools such as GitHub Copilot and others to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor.

Python, Java, C++, Javascript

Our training covers most modern coding languages and enterprise applications. We are also tool agnostic and work with your existing technology stack.

Predictive Analytics

AI can be used to train and refine predictive models, improving accuracy and enabling more robust analysis and forecasting capabilities for your business.

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We've trained the world's leading organizations.

Our team has experience teaching some of the world’s largest companies on various industries ranging from sales & business development, to software code development security.

01. Experienced

We understand how both Fortune 100 global organizations and small startups need to constantly train their team and keep them updated on the latest technology.

02. Trusted

Work with a team of trusted experts that understand that rushed implementations and low results can often lead to poor ROI when implementing a training program. We are best-in-class.

03. Curriculum

Our expert created curriculum comes our domain experts that's purposely designed for developers to leverage the latest AI technology and tools. We constantly update our material with new content.

04. USA Based Support

Our team comes from leading organizations that worked in a developer specific role. We understand these courses need to be taught by experts based in their local country so it's easier to understand.

Leveraging Generative AI for Software Development to 10x Productivity


Jared Ablon

Expert AI & Cybersecurity Instructor


This course should provide software developers with a comprehensive understanding of
how to leverage generative AI tools to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. By
understanding not only how to use these tools, but also their limitations and ethical
considerations, developers can become more capable and thoughtful in their use of AI in
their work.

Module Lessons

This is a rough description of what each module might cover. The actual contents can be
adjusted according to the specific needs and background of the students, as well as the
most recent developments in the field.

This module will introduce the concept of Generative AI and Large Language Models
(LLMs), with a special focus on GPT by OpenAI. It will discuss the role of generative AI
tools in software development, providing an overview of tools like GitHub Copilot and

1.1 What is Generative AI and what are LLMs?
1.2 Introduction to OpenAI and GPT
1.3 Understanding GitHub Copilot
1.4 Overview of other generative AI tools
1.5 The Role of Generative AI in Software Development

Here, the course will dive into the practical aspects of setting up and using generative AI tools. It will cover the installation and configuration of GPT and GitHub Copilot, and will also discuss other useful AI tools for developers. Security aspects like API key
management will also be addressed.

2.1 Setting up GPT
2.2 GitHub Copilot: Installation and Configuration
2.3 Other Useful Generative AI Tools for Developers
2.4 Understanding API Key Management and Security

This module will explain how GPT-3 can generate code and how to build custom models with it. It will also cover the use of GitHub Copilot for code generation and discuss how to improve code quality with AI suggestions.

3.1 How GPT Can Generate Code
3.2 GitHub Copilot for Code Generation
3.3 Building Custom Models with GPT
3.4 Improving Code Quality with AI Suggestions

This part of the course will explore how AI can help in code review and debugging. It will
address AI-assisted testing and performance optimization, demonstrating how AI can
streamline these often time-consuming processes.

4.1 Automated Code Review with AI
4.2 Debugging with the Help of Generative AI
4.3 Understanding AI-Assisted Testing
4.4 Leveraging AI for Performance Optimization

In this module, the focus will be on how GPT-3 can auto-generate documentation and
how GitHub Copilot can assist in comment generation. It will also discuss how to maintain quality and consistency in AI-generated documentation.

5.1 Auto-generating Documentation with GPT
5.2 Comment Generation with GitHub Copilot
5.3 Maintaining Quality and Consistency in AI-Generated Docs

This module will guide developers on how to integrate GPT-3 and GitHub Copilot into
their existing workflows. It will also discuss other potential integrations, such as task
automation and project management.

6.1 Integrating GPT into Your Development Workflow
6.2 Incorporating GitHub Copilot into Your Daily Coding Practice
6.3 Other Integrations: Task Automation, Project Management, and More

This module will address the ethical aspects of using AI in software development. It will
cover topics like addressing bias in generative AI and the importance of human oversight in AI-assisted development. It will also discuss the limitations of generative AI.

7.1 Understanding the Ethics of AI in Software Development
7.2 Addressing Bias in Generative AI
7.3 The Limitations of Generative AI
7.4 Ensuring Human Oversight in AI-Assisted Development

In the final module, the course will explore advanced use cases for generative AI and
discuss future trends in AI for software development. It will also cover how to prepare for the next generation of AI tools, wrapping up the course and suggesting next steps for learners.

8.1 Advanced Use Cases for Generative AI
8.2 The Future of AI in Software Development
8.3 Preparing for the Next Generation of AI Tools
8.4 Course Wrap-up and Next Steps

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I've been doing sales for 30 years, and nothing comes close to the transformation that's happening with AI. The output of AI is exponential for a sales organization.
Tony D.
Sodex Sales
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