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The First AI Focused Sales Training Platform

AI Unlock is a sales training platform that teaches your team how to start using AI. Companies understand AI is the future. The first step to leverage AI is to properly train your greatest and most costly asset, your employees. 

AI Sales Training Platform
We Improve your Sales Efficiency to Generate Revenue

Give your Sales Team an Unfair Advantage

The average salesperson’s compensation in the USA is $140,000, plus the costs of training, and an on-boarding of 6-9 months. AI makes sales teams’ more efficient.

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More Closed Deals Start with Better Trained Salespeople

Is your sales team properly trained for the AI revolution?

AI Unlock is a sales training platform that teaches your team how to start using AI. Companies understand AI is the future. The first step to leverage AI is to properly train your greatest and most costly asset, your employees. 

“Marketing and sales roar with generative AI. Companies that invest in AI are seeing a sales ROI uplift of 10-20%... a no regret AI strategy is to train your sales team on Gen AI basics to fuel experimentation."

- McKinsey & Company, Consulting Leader
From AI Sales Basics to Advanced AI Tools

We Teach your Sales Team to Utilize AI

Lead Generation with AI

10X Lead Generation

AI can send thousands of personalized messages at the click of a button. Automating prospecting, qualify clients, and nurture leads through automated processes.

Chat GPT Sales Prompts

Sales Prompt Engineering

Most salespeople are using AI wrong. Why? They aren’t using the proper prompts in ChatGPT to get the right output. We teach you the secret prompts that the top salespeople are using.

Faster Sales Process Automation

Rather than manually processing data to figure out who is a good fit, AI can filter and sort through thousands of contacts to figure out who would be best for your product or service offering.

What we offer

Our AI Sales Training Platform

What You'll Learn

Your team will learn AI fundamentals, sales techniques, industry knowledge, AI products, consultative selling, data literacy, communication skills, competitive analysis, ethical considerations, and the importance of continuous learning in AI.

Sales Prompt Engineering

Proper AI sales prompts in tools such as ChatGPT and Bard can be the difference between effective results, or poorly written boiler plate text. We teach best practices and the most effective AI sales prompts.

AI Safety & Ethics

If not properly used, sensitive information and data can be uploaded to AI that will jeopardize your company. We teach your team on the safety and security of using AI.

AI Sales Integration

Our team of training experts understand what the most popular sales CRM platforms are and how to utilize AI within them. We teach your team the fundamentals and empower them to close more deals, process leads, and optimize sales processes for greater success.

Completion Certificates

This AI training certificate course provides confirmation that the course was successfully completed fand trained on all module lessons. We can also track on-going updates on AI technology from ChatGPT and Gard, to Salesforce and Hubspot.

On-Going Training & Updates

Access regular updates to our courses so your team stays up to date on the latest and greatest AI technology. We also offer access to an-going community of AI sales professionals who are leveraging AI in their workplace.

“We surveyed 13,000 people in the workforce about AI. Both leaders and employees recognize the need for training and up skilling that this new AI era will require, but few have actually received it."

- Boston Consulting Group
How it Works

Simple Steps to Access our Training

Our expert led curriculum and training will guide your team from the basics of AI to advanced concepts. We work with your existing technology stack to be tool agnostic, and help with full implementation.

  • Consultation

    Meet with one of our USA based team members so we can understand your organizational needs and demo our AI training offering. We can also provide guidance on how to improve your team's effectiveness and productivity with AI.

  • Choose Training Modules

    Once you schedule a call with one of our team members, we'll breakdown what training modules and courses would be best suited for your organization. You'll see an example of our online modules with specific course information.

  • Join Classes & Access Video Content

    All classes are SCORM compliant, and easy to access through our online platform with video recordings. This is how your team will develop the skills they need to be successful with AI in the workplace.

  • AI Transformation Completed

    Once the online AI training is complete, employees will be more well versed on how AI works, best tools & prompts to use for their particular field, and will also be sent regular updates to constantly stay ahead.

Leveraging Generative AI for Sales to 10X Productivity


AI Sales Course Instructor

Jeffrey Maganis

Sales & BD Marketing Expert


This course will provide sales representatives with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage AI tools to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. By understanding not only how to use these tools, but also their limitations and ethical considerations, sales reps can become more capable and thoughtful in their use of AI in their work.

Module Lessons

This is a rough description of what each module might cover. The actual contents can be
adjusted according to the specific needs and background of the students, as well as the
most recent developments in the field.

This module will introduce the concept of AI and its application in sales. It will discuss the role of AI tools in sales, providing an overview of tools.

  • What is AI and its role in sales?
  • Overview of AI tools in sales
  • The Role of AI in Sales Enhancement

Here, the course will dive into the practical aspects of setting up and using AI tools for sales. It will cover the installation and configuration of AI tools, and will also discuss other useful AI tools for sales representatives.

  • Setting up AI tools, Installation and Configuration
  • Other Useful AI Tools for Sales
  • Understanding Data Management and Security in AI tools
  • Setting up GPT-3 and ChatGPT for Sales

This module will explain how ChatGPT is only as good as the output you give it. Bad input = Bad output. We will share the best prompts on ChatGPT/Google Bard for sales professionals. The salary for an AI prompt engineer ranges from $300-$400K. Rather than hiring your own, we give you our proprietary sales prompt engineering secrets.

This module will explain how AI and ChatGPT can help sales reps write emails faster than ever before, a task that sales reps typically spend 30% of their time and hours doing everyday. We help create the perfect outreach, email sequences, and follow-ups that actually get opened and read. 

This module will explain how ChatGPT can help you prospect for new leads and search multiple data sources for potential clients.

This part of the course will explore how AI can help in understanding customer conversations. It will address AI-assisted sentiment analysis and customer behavior prediction, demonstrating how AI can streamline these often time-consuming processes.

  • Conversation Intelligence with AI
  • Understanding Customer Sentiment with AI
  • Predicting Customer Behavior with AI
  • Leveraging AI for Customer Retention
  • Using GPT-3 and ChatGPT for Conversation Analysis and Understanding Customer Sentiment
  • Drafting Emails and Communicating with Customers using GPT and ChatGPT

In this module, the focus will be on how AI can assist in lead scoring and qualification. It will also discuss how to maintain quality and consistency in AI-assisted lead management.

  • AI in Lead Scoring
  • Lead Qualification with AI
  • Maintaining Quality and Consistency in AI-Assisted Lead Management

This module will guide sales reps on how to integrate AI tools into their existing workflows. It will also discuss other potential integrations, such as task automation and sales pipeline management.

  • Integrating AI tools into Your Sales Workflow
  • Incorporating AI into Your Daily Sales Practice
  • Other Integrations: Task Automation, Pipeline Management, and More
  • Integrating GPT and ChatGPT into Your Sales Workflow

This module will address the ethical aspects of using AI in sales. It will cover topics like addressing bias in AI and the importance of human oversight in AI-assisted sales. It will also discuss the limitations of AI in sales.

  • Understanding the Ethics of AI in Sales
  • Addressing Bias in AI
  • The Limitations of AI in Sales
  • Ensuring Human Oversight in AI-Assisted Sales

This module will explore how AI can contribute to improving customer success metrics. It will cover predictive analytics for customer success, AI-assisted customer engagement strategies, and the use of AI for upselling and cross-selling.

  • Understanding the Role of AI in Customer Success
  • Using Predictive Analytics for Customer Success
  • AI-Assisted Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Leveraging AI for Upselling and Cross-Selling

This module will explain how AI can be used for sales forecasting and how to build custom models with it and discuss how to improve sales predictions with AI suggestions.

  • How AI Can Improve Sales Forecasting
  • Building Custom Models with AI
  • Improving Sales Predictions with AI Suggestions
  • Drafting Emails and Communicating with Customers using GPT-3 and ChatGPT

In the final module, the course will explore advanced use cases for AI in sales and discuss future trends. It will also cover howto prepare for the next generation of AI tools, wrapping up the course and suggesting next steps for learners.

  • Advanced Use Cases for AI in Sales
  • The Future of AI in Sales
  • Preparing for the Next Generation of AI Tools
  • Course Wrap-up and Next Steps

Lesson Includes

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"Every Company Needs an AI Strategy" - Forbes

AI offers the potential to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences that lead to increased efficiency, productivity, and a competitive advantage in today’s world.


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AI Unlock has really helped our sales team prospect. Having a platform that makes it easy to train and give our team the skills they need has made things easy for us. Having AI in your business is crucial. AI Unlock has helped our organization and I definitely recommend it. 

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