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What is an AI Unlock Learning Badge?

AI Unlock Learning badges are credentials that offer these benefits:
ai unlock sales certification

How to Earn an AI Unlock Learning Badge

Here are the steps to earning an AI Unlock digital badge


Sign up for an AI Unlock account.


Enroll in select Learning Plans that offer a digital badge upon passing the corresponding assessment.


Complete the assessment associated with the learning plan with a score of at least 80%.


Create a Credly account to claim your digital badge.

AI Unlock Training to Build In-Demand AI Sales Skills

Master AI sales concepts in four hours with AI Unlock Sales Essentials – a course created for sales professionals who are new to AI. Course Price: $129

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A digital badge provides a verifiable way for individuals to showcase knowledge, skills, or accomplishments, whether through a resume, social network, or email signature. Badge earners can display the badge image with a unique link that anyone can click to verify that specific individual’s achievement.

In addition to select digital badges for learning plans, AI Unlock offers a variety of badges. Our premiere badges are awarded for AI Sales Certifications. We also offer badges for specific AI Unlock accreditations, membership in or commencement from programs such as AI Unlock Educate, AI Unlock Start, AI Unlock Authorized Instructors, and more. You can review all AI Unlock badges on

Each badge has its own requirements, which are outlined on the specific badge page under Earning Criteria on
Badges are free to accept, i.e. there is no cost to create a account or accept a badge. Earning a badge is part of the AI Sales Certification course, which is priced at $129. Some badges may require membership in a specific program or have other requirements.